“Goth Zub”
(Mod:) First; clothing idea is not originally mine, i got it from this lovely piece of art~ I really like the clothes and OH MAH GAWD PIERCINGS-❤ 

Goth Zub

(Mod:) First; clothing idea is not originally 
mine, i got it from this lovely piece of art~ 

I really like the clothes and OH MAH GAWD PIERCINGS- 

(◕// u //◕)・゚✧ from the person you might know before

(Mod:) Oh yes ofcourse i know you…! Well we havent talked much before but gosh i havent seen ya in a while and i feel happy we meet again~! ^w^

(◕// u //◕)・゚✧ *hides in corner embarrassed*

(Mod:) *walks to corner and pats your head* uwu

(◕// u //◕)・゚✧ from just a random girl

(Mod:) Heheh, hello random anon girl~ X3

"(◕// u //◕)・゚✧" from you know who >w>

(Mod:) Oh i know Chaos~ =W=

Send me “(◕// u //◕)・゚✧” if i am your senpai.

(( Mod or OC or both ))

Mod talking~

(Mod:) Whoa damn, i got many RP starters from you guys…! Like when i was RP’ing with mah friend Swaggy (the Zub and Onzi RP), suddenly BOOM-! Many RP starters suddenly.
Dunt worry Swaggy, i continue the RP when i get back home. I like that RP XD

Anyway what i wanna say now is that i can’t answer to all RP’s with picture since it takes time, i mostly answer with pic to asks. But i think i answer some asks with only text so they don’t lay there in inbox doing nothing.

Also i wanna say that ask box is always open, i happily read new asks and answer to them as soon as possible!

I have now spoken, have a great day/night people~! ^w^


(Mod:) First sketch on new laptop and so have some human Zub~ =w=


Tero: 3 more followers until 300 holy shit

(Mod:) ///PROMOTING/// This fellah amazing, please go and check~

(Mod:) omg fuq no, nope feels too weird to draw Zub’s eyes too differently pfft~

(Mod:) …i wanna try to draw Zub’s eyes a bit differently .w.




That’s kinda weird; I would think you’d …get that compliment moreso. .. . 

(Zub:) “Not really, mostly people focus only to my height.”

(Zub:) He kept petting for some moment before pulling his hand away but kept smiling to Onzi with his usual gentle smile.




Z-Zub??? ERrmmn- N-nice to meet you! I’-I’m Onzi- …



(Zub:) "Well thank you, i don’t hear that so often." he said with light chuckle. "I have to say your eyes are quite pretty too, but anyway it is nice to meet you too Onzi." he said as he gently pets Onzi’s head with his big hand, having smile on his lips while doing so.




O O H s-sorry….
erMn….are you an …enderman? You’re….s o hu g e. 

(Zub:) “Yes, i am enderman even i’m a lot bigger than others. I hope it isn’t bothering you too much.” he said before squatting down to be more close to Onzi’s level “I apology for not introducing myself, my name is Zub. May i ask yours?”

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